Precision Ag

As farmers ourselves, we know the importance of investing in efficiency.

Each year more research and technology enters the market aiding farmers to succeed yield goals. With our precision agriculture products, we have provided customers a new path to efficiency.

Tractor Plowing Field

Farm by the inch

Precision agriculture products help you to farm literally by the inch, especially in multiple soil types in the same field.



Gain consistently higher yields

By utilizing these independently tested products, and technology, you not only gain efficiency, but you gain consistently higher yields, all while being a good steward of conservation on the land.

Data drives decisions

Right placement in seeding with no skipping allows you, the growers, to gain the maximum output of your crops.




Our Precision Ag Products

360 Yield Center

Downforce Control


Liquid Control and Delivery

Martin Till


Monitoring and Measurement

Seed Delivery

Farmer in Tractor Cab

We Listen

By listening to our customers needs and reviewing the results that they have historically had, we can better recommend the right tools and technology to help them not just achieve goals, but exceed them. By being able to better monitor the equipment and better utilize the tools we have, we will get better yields.

Simply put, our customers have seen better efficiency, better yield and greater return on investment by utilizing Precision Ag products.

We're ready to help!

The power that mentorship has and its ability to be a catalyst for success is inspiring. We know what works and are here to support you in your success.

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