Soil Sampling & Field Zone Management

Soil sampling has evolved over the years. Ten years ago, farmers may have had one soil sample for every three to four acres. Now with zone management sampling, over 150% more samples of each acre are taken for the most accurate soil health of your fields.

At Southwest Ag Solutions, we provide you with soil sampling and field zone management. These grid maps we create, aid in making the best informed, profit-driven decisions for your next growing season.

Field Soil Sample Technology
Red Case IH Planter in Field on a Cloudy Day

Planter Setup

You have made the investment in your yields through purchasing precision agriculture products. As a mentor for you with this new technology, we at Southwest Ag Solutions provide the services to get your planter ready for the next planting season.

Is your tractor hooked up to your planter and ready to go with your new monitor system? Does the new meters and row units read properly into your monitor system? Let us at Southwest Ag Solutions answer these questions for you. We will set up your planter and provide you the knowledge to know how to get the most out of your new technology upgrades.

Planter Inspection

After a planting season, the idea of putting more work into your machinery may seem exhausting and an unnecessary task. Many farmers will simply put their planters away at the end of the season without an inspection or proper cleaning. Did you know a thorough inspection of your planter at the end of the planting season will impact your yields and bottom line?

At Southwest Ag Solutions, we service your planter for you.

We thoroughly check the condition of even the smallest part on your planter for uniformity and efficiency. Our inspection of your seed drop technology on your planter will be an important contributor to ensuring optimum yields next year. Let us mentor you and inspect your planter today.

We're ready to help!

The power that mentorship has and its ability to be a catalyst for success is inspiring. We know what works and are here to support you in your success.

Farm Mentorship
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