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Southwest Ag Solutions was created with a simple principle. We want more than a buyer/seller relationship. We are here to mentor both those who are new to the industry and those who have been life-long stewards of agriculture.

Agriculture as a whole has changed drastically in terms of technology. While the principle hasn't changed, the advancements and research have made significant improvements to how we farm today. Understanding and incorporating these new practices into your farm will aid in saving time and money while improving your overall yields.

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Change Can Be Hard

While sometimes change can be a hard concept, through mentorship, and our customer relationships, we show you these new technologies, explain the data and research in the cost and return of investment to make those purchase, and be there, always, to assist from start to finish.

With so many questions about so many things outside of your control, like weather, and markets we want to, through mentorship, and help answer the questions that are in our control.

We Get It

At Southwest Ag Solutions, we are there in the trenches with you. We get it. Agriculture is about deciding which investments are worth your time and money to see real results, especially with how much agriculture markets fluctuate.

Our products are here to help you save money, increase yields and add to the overall efficiency of your operation. Change can be hard. Through mentorship and collaboration, we will help you find the real solutions.

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Tyler believes in mentorship and collaboration. As a crop farmer himself, he understands firsthand what it takes to implement change. Together with his customers, Tyler shares in the fluctuation of agriculture. Real solutions are found with this collaborative and transparent mindset. New ideas and research are out there to help make your farm most efficient.

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