vSet seed meters singulate seeds accurately without any adjustments resulting in perfect seed placement throughout your field.


vDrive is a maintenance-free electric drive system that lets you breeze through planting without the headaches of a mechanical drive system.

vSet Select

vSet Select is a multi-hybrid planting system that switches hybrids as you cross into different areas of your field, allowing you to maximize the varying areas of each field.


mSet is a multi-hybrid planting system that allows you to plant the best hybrid into each area of your field, improving field profitability.


eSet is a meter upgrade for John Deere planters that gives you picket fence stands without having to make time-consuming adjustments to the meter as you plant.


PrecisionMeter uses an adjustable brush to better singulate a range of seed sizes and shapes. When planting with PrecisionMeters from Precision Planting, you can have confidence in your singulation performance.


RowFlow is a simple-to-use system to take command of swath control, to prevent overlap, save seed, and plant variable rates with ease, saving you time and eliminating frustration while improving your yield.

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